Wuxing Ban is a complete relic excavated in China around the time before Frontier Incident. After it was send to the lab for research purpose. After Frontier Incident the process of converting it into a combat system was completed. However because the knowledge of Symphogear-making was lost due to the demise of Ryouko Sakurai. Serizawa Yami has to made a new system in order to utilized Wuxing Ban potential. He called it "Kai Jia Yong Shi System".


Wuxing Ban is the first recorded tome written about the classic Five Element of Metal, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth. Making it a very important cultural relic. Despite Wuxing Ban simply layout and text. A large ammount of knowledge in Meta-Physic, Philosophy, Science and Dimensionology is needed to decipher it fully.

Serizawa Yami has manage to adapt the text into a combat system consist of three belt and several key. Using them grant the user five type of armor each base on an element.


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