"This is Europe, ofcourse there are going to be some damn Vampire"
---Serizawa Yami---
Vampire Count is the ruling class of all gothic demon race worldwide, led by the Vampire and their other brethen, the Fangire their base is a castle located in Val Verde. They're currently been in conflict with the Lycant Corporation. Vampire Count is a part of Foundation XYZ plan despite they didn't even known the existence of such organization.




Lycanthrope (Become extinct in order to created the Fangire)

Wolfen (Wipe out)


Franken (Wipe out by the Demon Hunter Guild)

Merman (Wipe out )


Kivat (Only a few of them exist )


The Vampire are led by an elite group of Fangire and Vampire called Checkmate Five

Arukado / King

The king of all vampire and the most powerful vampire in his time and still hold this title even through he didn't become a Fangire. He is the current holder of Kivat The 3rd, whom grant him the power to become Kiva.

Queen /Ixa

The queen seat is currently vacant, but the transformation device is still kept by the King.

Rey / Bishop

The keeper of Vampire law

Arc / Rook

The guardian of King and Queen

Saga / Knight

The enforcer that kill renegade Vampire


The Fangire are result of Vampire transcending themselves after a deal with Marie Ange where they will sell their Vampirism to her in order for her to destroy the Lycanthrope, their mortal enemy. However what they did not expect is that she destroy the Lycanthrope by merging them with the vampire using her power and turn those merged with the Lycanthrope to become Fangire. Because Fangire are just vampire in another form, they like to be friendly to each other.


Sagarc is a race of Disc-like Cobra demon that assist the Vampires and Fangires, they're the source of Knight power. UFO report from world-wide are merely eye witness account of the Sagarc


Kivats are a vere rare race as only a few of them exist. They can turn any Vampire or Fangire into an armored figure with large fighting capacity.


A race of mummy like demon that born when many non-gothic mythical creature get exposed to the same power that created Fangire. They can baptize other human and turn them into loyal servant.