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Hi, GotenSakurauchi here.

Before telling that the wiki's design has been changed to a darker theme, the overall look for the wiki has been updated to FandomDesktop, which was previously known as Phase 2 of UCP.

As with FandomDesktop being implemented to the wiki for everyone, a few changes has been made as well, with the most noticeable one being the overall theme. Since a both light and dark theme can be used, while I was setting up a dark theme for the wiki (before deciding it to be the standard one for the wiki) I compared both of the themes and I thought the dark theme looked much better than the light one. So I started to make the changes to the templates to fit with the new dark theme as well, below is a gallery on the pages that has the most changes to them. I hope you like it (even though you might have opt-in and seen the changes beforehand)! For both new and returning editors, I hope you are enjoying it here on the wiki, and happy editing!

The Pages with the Dark Theme

Placeholder Image

If you've already made a page, and found an image in your infobox that wasn't there before, do not worry! That image is just a placeholder for pages with no images in their infoboxes. You can always replace it when you've added your own image to upload later on.

No Custom Cursor?

I know that this wiki used a custom cursor prior the FandomDesktop, but it's no longer allowed to use them wiki-wide in the current customization policy. However, you are always free to use custom cursors for yourself.