Tetsuya Kawakaze
"I won't let any life be lost."
Kanji 江風 鉄矢
Romaji Kawakaze Tetsuya
Age 40
Birthday September 1
Gender Male
Race Human
Blood Type AB
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Relatives Goten Kawakaze (Son)
Nozomi Kawakaze (Wife)
Gennai Kawakaze (Father)
Tetsuya Kawakaze (江風 鉄矢 Kawakaze Tetsuya?) is the father of Goten Kawakaze. He is also the commander of J.U.G.


Tetsuya (鉄矢 Tetsuya?) - Means "iron arrow".

Kawakaze (江風 Kawakaze?) - Means "river wind".


Tetsuya is a responsible man who does everthing he can for the sake of the world.



  • Nozomi Kawakaze: Despite being dead he still mourns her death, he still cares for his wife, bringing flowers to her grave every year.
  • Goten Kawakaze: Despite having their relationship stained in the beginning due to him left his son, Tetsuya still cared for him. After reuniting with each other in New York, their relationship improved to the point were he wished Goten good luck.