Tatteai Memorial (立愛メモリアル, Standing Love Memorial) is an insert song of Miku Kohinata that appeared in Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV. The song talks about Miku's desire to rescue and protect the other Gear Users, especially Hibiki, Haruna and Kiseki.


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"Love? What is it exactly?"

"I don't understand, shall I have it now as I did when you existed?"

"Day and Night, I think of you!"

"But what is your dear name?"

"Don't forget me, as I do you"

"I will always love you, don't forget it"

"Promises and I will forgive, just say "I Love You."

"A summer we all once rejoiced."

"I want it back!"

"Give me it back!"

"I deserve it back!"

"My Love stands Tall!"