Stephanie Nakajima
"Weakness disgusts me."
Age 23
Birthday January 7
Gender Female
Race Human
Blood Type AB
Nationality Japanese-American
Relic Varunastra
Theme Color Dark Blue
Personal Status

Stephanie Nakajima (ステファニー・ナカジマ Sutefanī Nakajima?) was a Symphogear user in the Black Lodge group.


Stephaine is normally calm and collected most of the times. However, in battle she displays a very aggressive personality and not showing any mercy at all to her opponents. For unknown reasons Stephanie bears a grudge of hatred against Goten Kawakaze.


Early Life

Stephaine lived peacefully with her parents until their deaths by the Noise when she was 12 and swore to take revenge for their death. At the age 13 of Stephaine was convicted for robbery and murder, and since then spent 3 years of her life in prison. Until she met Senshi Moto where she obtained the Varunastra relic.

Attacks and Abilities

Holy Chant

Varian Varunastra seiran zizzl


Stephaine is the owner of the Relic, the Varunastra. As a Symphogear user, she has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour that clads her in battle. Her Armed Gear is unknown, but it is known to change into various forms that she desiers.


  • Water Mirror Dance (水鏡の舞 Mizukagami no Mai?) — By using her Armed Gear to create three clones of herself, Stephaine is able to overwhelm her opponent making her almost unbeatable. These clones are however weaker than her.
  • Watercutter (水切り Mizukiri?) — By chaning her Armed Gear into a sword, she uses it to charge at the enemy and slashes through them.
  • Water Reflection (水反射 Mizuhansha?) — By changing her Armed Gear into a mirror, the reflections emerge and materialise from the mirror, where they collide with the mirrored targets. The reflections use the exact same attack as their counterpart. Upon impact, the reflections disperse into water.
  • Superb Song


Black Lodge

  • Senshi Moto: After he released her from prison, Stephaine began looking to Senshi as a father-figure.


  • Goten Kawakaze: For unknown reasons, Stephaine has a strong hatred against Goten. She also blames him for the death of her parents.
  • Augusta Oto: As a former member of Black Lodge, Stephaine views her as a traitor. She also dislike Augusta for being weak, as seen when she beaten her several times during her time in Black Lodge.


Stephanie's Songs
Mizu no Hamon Varunastra


  • Stephanine uses Japanese language for attacks.
    • All of her attacks is using the kanji for water ( Mizu?) in its names.


  • (To Augusta) "Weakness disgusts me. And a weak Symphogear User like you disgusts me even more!"