Serene Duran-Kazanari (せれね づらんーかざなり) is a cloned Symphogear User and former ally of Kanade Amou. After switching sides with her sister, Sakura, she was adopted by Genjuro Kazanari and was fully accepted into the clan, along with Tsubasa.

Serene Duran-Kazanari
"I'm not some science project. You will remember that!"
Age 13
Gender Female
Hair Color Strawberry Brown
Eye Color Black and Pink
Relic Durandal
Theme Color Gold and Turquoise
Personal Status
Relatives Maria Cadenzavna Eve (technical sister)

Serena Cadenzavna Eve (genetic mother)

Genjuro Kazanari (adoptive father)

Tsubasa Kazanari (adoptive sister/aunt)

Sakura Nehun-Kazanari (sister)

Ryoko Sakurai (genetic bond)

Occupation Symphogear User

Student Soldier (former)

VA (English) N/A
VA (Japanese) Yui Horie


Serene comes from Serena, the person she was cloned from. Duran is chosen as her last name and is a shortened version of her relic's name, Durandal.


Serene has light brown hair, originally long and wavy but now cut choppy from an attack by Tsubasa. She has two colored eyes-one black, and one pink. Her skin is fair and she is most often seen wearing a re-colored version of Serena's dress.


Her Gear appears as a golden and cyan colored armor. Her undersuit is a light turquoise and gold, and she has red colored crystals on her front hips. White bands are strapped over her torso and she wears a golden half-skirt. Serene's shoes are turquoise high-heels, and she has golden fan-like boosters jutting out from her knees. White and cyan headphones don her head.


Despite looking sweet and kind, she is much more violent and crude. She is incredibly boastful, yet at the same time terrified. She holds a great deal of love for her 'sister', Sakura, and is generally the weaker of the two, despite holding the most power.


Serene was created by Dark Kanade using genetic genes from Serena Cadenzavna Eve, found in the abandoded F.I.S. facility, and a peice of Maria's hair. Combinging her with the relic Durandal, she came alive along with her sister Sakura Nehu-Kazanari (then known as simply Sakura Nehu). Due to being connected artifically, they considered themselves sisters, and refused to leave eachother's side.

Abilities and Attacks



Casa Blanca - A powerful attack only used twice. She starts spinning Durandal around until it reaches maximum power, and swipes it in any direction, creating a blinding flash. This attack is similar to Synchrogazer.