Senki Zesshou Symphogear V Legion
DirectorCureRuby2488 and CureLeo
Opening ThemeV Road
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A few years after the events of AXZ japan opens another branch of S.O.N.G in order to deal with the large amount of Noise and Alca-Noise appearances. Michiru is a teenage girl who's father was kidnapped by noise when she was young, after one of her revenge rampages goes south she ends up with S.O.N.G and tasked with tracking down a stolen Symphogear.


Gear Users

Michiru: The user of the Dyrnwyn gear.

Haruhi: The one that stole the Trishula Gear.

Satomi:  The user of the Labrys Gear.



Lokali: A tricky and goofy person who leads an organization (the one Haruhi is apart of) that plans to reset the world in his image, she somehow has the Gungnir gear. No one knows if Lokali is a guy or girl. The main antagonist of V Legion.