"In Song, We Unite-And Friendships Restored..."

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Senki Zesshou Symphogear DX is the fourth season of Symphogear. It centers around Hibiki and her team battling a familiar friend...

Senki Zesshou Symphogear DX
DirectorMew Amelia
LicensorSymphogear Fanon Wiki
NetworkCrunchyroll, Hulu, MPS, Tokyo MX
Original RunUK
Opening ThemeGateway by Nana Mizuki
Ending ThemeTake Me Far by Ayahi Takagaki
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It was 2 years since the alchemy incident.

Elfnein, now residing in Carol's body, has leveled up her alchemy and can create wondrous things. Relics are being found almost every month.

Tsubasa wished she had her dear friend back.

"You can't fly with one wing."

Elfnein started to test. After many disasters, she finally created a clone of Kanade Amou.

But like the others, she didn't survive.

Or did she?

A year after, a young girl with midnight hair and crimson eyes enters the scene. She finds Hibiki.

She joins S.O.N.G.

Nōto Sorano.

The attuned girl with faith on her side.

Storms, battles. Cities are being destroyed by a power seemingly from a relic...

Kanade did survive.

And the battle for love, song, and trust begins.

Shield yourself.

Character Designs





Episode 1 - Breath of Sound

The episode begins with a young girl running from a pack of Noise. She is seemingly cornered when Kanade and Tsubasa save her life, and teaches her the mantra she'd use for the rest of her life. In the present, the users save people from a nuclear factory fallout, and the users manage to get the people and the vechile they are in up into the sky, far from the explosion. Suddenly, Maria's team runs out of LiNKER, and they start falling. The explosion and the fall make the girls go temporarily deaf, yet they sing 'SILENT song' anyway, rescuing the people. Later, they all go visit Kanade's grave for her birthday, Chris lamenting about how she was involved in the plan to kill her. At school, a new student comes in. Seemingly shy and cold, she proves to be incredibly tough. She accidentally bumps into Chris (or her bust), leading to an awkward silence, and Hibiki quickly tries to make her a new friend. It is revealed her name is Nōto Sorano, and is the niece of Boss Lady at the newly reopened Flower Cafe. When a strange bunch of creatures similar to Noise invade the restaurant, Chris and Tsubasa save them, and Nōto recognizes them. She then faints from blood loss. She is then invited to join S.O.N.G. as an after school job, which she accepts. She feels conflicted with Chris and the schoolgirls, being Chris' kohai but everyone else's senpai. While transporting a box of shattered relics to another part of the facility, another noise-like monster attacks. When Chris is seemingly down, Nōto protects her, and activates the relic Svalinn.

Episode 2 - Shield Yourself, or Myself?

Nōto is astonished she has a Gear, and everyone else is even more astonished she can use it without LiNKER. Taking the brute force until the monster is destroyed by the others and saving Chris' life, Nōto is accepted as a reserve Gear until she is more adapted. After quite the funny and heartwarming training montage between the girls, an Atranach army attacks Lydian. The leader reveals itself to be sentient, forming a human-like body mass and calls itself Sempre. After a battle between the team and the Sempre's army, she is stopped from killing Tsubasa by a mysterious figure using light alchemy-who reveals herself to be Kanade. Tsubasa runs towards her in happiness, eyes closed and ready for a hug, before being sliced at the hip by Kanade's lance. Kanade declares she is the true user of Gungnir.

Episode 3 - It's Been A Long Time

A flashback occurs as Elfnien and Aoi scan and recover the data from Ver's chip, which is an ability to create LiNKER and even clone a person and give them the memories of the original. Inspired by Kanade's heroic sacrifice, Elfnien starts testing to bring Kanade back, but seemingly fails each time. But one time, she actually does it, but the clone starts to implode and they evacuate the government facility. But Kanade has survived the ordeal, and now seeks her revenge for being the 'powerful one she never could have been'. Tsubasa, in disbelief, doesn't fight back, and Kanade leaves, saying it isn't time to fight them now. As Tsubasa's wounds are tended to, Maria is tasked to snap Tsubasa out of her shock. After many attempts, Maria reluctantly resorts to slapping her and holding the idol up by her hospital shirt, saying the Kanade she saw wasn't hers. Tsubasa breaks down as Hibiki watches from the crack of the door. Later, the girls are ambushed by Sempre and another Atranach with no name, and transform to fight them off. Despite their attempts, Kirika is mind-controlled for a moment by Sempre herself, and Shirabe manages to drive her out of Kirika by kissing her. The two finally start an explicit relationship. Later, Kanade is seen holding a piece of Igalima and Shul Shagana, and holds up her hand, alchemy preformed.

Episode 4 - Serenade

Quickly, S.O.N.G. is alerted to Atranach activity downtown. The atranach, revealed to be named Piu challenges Maria while S.O.N.G. is observing the situation, and the latter accepts. She decides to use her trump card and activates her Ignite Module. This leads to a battle that devastates a third of Eastern Tokyo, and the other users are dispatched to protect the citizens. Maria realizes to her horror that she is losing to a creature who doesn't even have a relic. In response to Maria's reaction, Piu activates her ability, splits herself into clones and defeats her-wounding Maria and chipping off a piece of her armor, taking it with her. She presents it to Kanade, who appears to have a collection wired together onto a clear-colored relic pendant.

Episode 5 - Renewed Hatred

Maria is recovering from her injuries as the rest try and figure out what the enemy wants. Chris wonders if it is some elaborate plan like Carol's. Meanwhile, in the ruins of last season's battle, workers are investigating a hole deep in the ground going off a strange light. From the distance a pair of doll-like eyes stare and then run away. Nōto is then seen training again in a simulation, although she fails when she finds herself alone in the fighting. Maria then is released from the hospital (still sore, as her arms are bandaged), and is happily greeted by Hibiki. Later, in another part of town, a mysterious woman asks for the newspaper and walks into an alley, reading it with child-like curiosity. She the mutters something about having to find S.O.N.G. Miku is in class when a sudden earthquake hits, and she disappears. Hibiki is dispatched to save several citizens from a falling building. She arrives on the scene and sees it's a trick, and calls for backup. Before it can arrive Miku is shoved near the building's edge and two figures appear who look almost exactly like Serena Cadenzavna Eve and a younger Ryoko Sakurai. Back at HQ, Maria and Genjuro mutter their names softly.

Episode 6 - And You'll Be Safe

A flashback occurs when Genjuro was a boy, and he simply a Martial Arts fanatic bit didn't have any friends due to his brute appearance. In science class he almost knocks over a canister of dangerous liquid when a young girl catches it for him. She smiles and teases him that he's too clumsy, and introduces herself as Ryoko Sakurai. Back in the present, the two Gear Users introduce themselves as Serene and Sakura, the two lost relic 'sisters'. Much to everyone's shock, they own the supposedly destroyed relics Durandal and Nehushtan, used for their own Faust Robes. Shirabe and Chris arrive and Miku is saved, but Shirabe cuts off most of Serene's hair, which causes her to activate her Faust Robe with Sakura and the two try to kill Tsubasa, but Hibiki intervenes. Meanwhile, a familiar pair of eyes watches from the distance. After the sisters retreat, Hibiki reunites with Miku, who said 'she knew she could do it', and hitch a ride on a helicopter to S.O.N.G. HQ. The mysterious woman from before sneaks on with them. As the Users discuss and plan out the team and their tactics (with Tsubasa once again drawing them in a very comedic fashion), Shinji is seen restocking his weaponry system when he is interrupted by the same woman, who has shed her trench coat and hat. She introduces herself as Selipha-and she is an Autoscorer.

Episode 7 - Extraction And Emotion

A flashback reveals that Selipha was a scrapped Autoscorer meant to fight Hibiki, but a flaw in her programming caused her to disobey Carol and hide within the Chateau. She snuck away during it's fall and was inspired by Hibiki's song. In the present, Shinji shoots her but she deflects the bullets, pleading for them to reason with her. Shinji ties her up and much to everyone's shock, Elfnien wants to question her. After two guards believe this is a trick and try to hurt Selipha, Elfnien turns and shouts in Carol's voice for them to fall back and leave Selipha alone. After looking into her memories (a technique unique to her thanks to Carol), she concludes she is on their side and the other users go to interrogate her. She calmly tells them that she was attracted to S.O.N.G. due to Hibiki's singing and asks if she can get a gear. Meanwhile in Dark Kanade's home base, the two Atranachs are seen talking and it is revealed the two sisters are being mind-controlled. Serene and Sakura attack again, and Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe are dispatched and all activate their Ignite Modules. They knock them out and crush their Robe's headphones, which relieves the girls of their mind control, and they're brought back into custody in S.O.N.G.

Episode 8 - Romance Blade, Serpent Staff

Serene wakes up restrained as Maria looks on, heartbroken. Tsubasa calmly reminds her she's not her real sister, but Maria says that's what pains her the most. In tears she walks off and Serene asks what happened. She then pleads to know where her sister is and is brought to her with Tsubasa. The two try to embrace despite the straitjackets preventing their arms from moving and Hibiki is inspired by their love. Miku watches from afar. Maria is there seen looking at old pictures of her and Serena while humming Apple. Noto arrives and says it's a nice song and tries to sing along. Surprisingly, Maria doesn't mind and even tells her about Serena. Noto asks her why she trusts her so much, and the Airgetlam User is silent. Still later, the Sisters are questioned-realizing they were mind-controlled, the two ask to be help in whatever way they can to defeat Kanade. The two are asked to show their powers. Sakura creates a tornado with her flails and Serene destroys half of a mountain with Durandal. Everyone watches with awe. Noto fails a training session, panting, and Genjuro chides her for not fighting back against the attacking force, instead taking it's force on herself.

Episode 9 - I Will Control The World

Kanade is seen at a mysterious headquarters in South America, with only a blanket on her back. She begs for help, and a woman with long blue hair takes her inside. Nursed back to health, she is introduced to the Bavarian Illumanati, and is asked why she came here. Kanade says she wants to have a reason to live, and asks to be trained in alchemy. Despite her strength, she has little patience, and is regarded as a lost cause by some of the members. In her overconfidence she tries to bring back the past and show them her worth, but accidentally entraps herself in a single second-replay. For over 1000 years she perfects her alchemy, and researches recent happenings in the world as a hobby. She discovers the Zwei Wing, and to her horror Hibiki, and she realizes she hasn't lived up to her full potential. She tries searching for a cure to the time-replay and discovers the true plans of the Bavarian Illumanati. Understanding that whatever they do will only inhibit her goal, she sets alchemy to kill them, and finally manages to escape by singing Light of Death. As she walks away from the HQ, everyone inside is killed. Using her skills and their technology, she manages to create noise-like, sentient warriors who only work for her. She discovers the way of homunculus alchemy, and creates the Sisters. After she gains her reward, Kanade destroys the remains of the Bavarian Illumanati.

Episode 10 - We're A Barrier

Hibiki is happy with the new recruits, and Noto is given her first solo mission. She stops an Atranach from destroying a preschool and brings it to the oil rig. But it starts cloning more of itself, being in a liquid element, and Noto screams for Chris to help her. Chris does arrive and Noto is devastated she couldn't do it on her own. Chris tells her she did great and she did one thing right-call for her senpai when she needed it. Noto reveals how she always takes the brunt of the attack for others, and never felt that she was worth dying for. Sempre interrupts the two, stating she's tired of fighting so much and asks for their relics. Chris says no, obviously, so Sempre tries to go back for reinforcements (ergo, Piu). Noto catches her before she can leave, and the 3 start teleporting to random places in the city due to the scattering of teleportation pebbles. In frustration, Sempre freaks out and destroys several sections of the apartment block they're in, and tries to hit Noto, Chris blocking the blow. Noto asks her why she did that, and Chris said it's because she was worth it. Realizing she matters more than she thought, Noto attacks Sempre, pummeling her to the ground and destroying her. Kanade interrupts the victory, in irritation that she managed to destroy one of her generals, and attempts to go for the kill. Tsubasa rushes in suddenly, one-on-one with Kanade. She manages to break her spear and has her sword to her neck.

Episode 11 - God, Please Don't Let Me Die For Nothing

Episode 12 - If You Wish

Kanade activates the Frontier Rod, and her relic. Everyone watches in horror as she is filled with so much power she starts to fuse with the Phonic Gain. Kanade fires a giant frikkin' laser at the girls, but then see them awaken with their X-Drive. Asking how, Hibiki explains that the energy of their relics from Kanade's power fused with their gear and they were able to summon enough power to emit an X-Drive. Kanade then points her lance at Hibiki and challenges her to a duel.

Episode 13 - In Song, We Unite-And Friendships Restored...

Kanade is asking Hibiki if she wishes to accept her challenge, and after a brief moment of thought she accepts. An epic clash begins, and reaches a breaking point when Kanade distracts Hibiki by pretending to 'revert' back to her original self. Hibiki is struck down by Kanade and she laughs, intending to kill her when Noto sings her Swan Song. Amplified by her X-Drive, she is able to cover Hibiki and herself in a red shield, unable to break. She entraps Kanade in one of the shields, falls, and prays for the users, seemingly dying, releasing Kanade. In anger Kanade screams and starts yelling for Hibiki to die, punching her into the atmosphere hard enough to break her out of her gear. Hibiki realizes Kanade is a ways away from the Frontier Rod, and Kanade will succumb to the overwhelming power of her relic. Hibiki tries to sing, but Kanade chokes her. She then hears everyone singing 'SILENT song', broadcasted by her alchemy intended for Hibiki's stage death. She lets go of Hibiki and screams for it to stop, and is consumed by the relic. Noto is revealed to be alive, but barely, and Chris flies all the way to the base. Everyone attends the fallen Gungnir user's funeral, even Noto, who is in a wheelchair. In the end credits scene Noto is watching the rebuilding of the city and Chris stands beside her. After a brief talk, she makes her promise not to tell anyone of what she's about to do and starts to spill out her feelings about the world, as Noto laughs.





  • This is the first season that explores the users' personal beliefs.
  • The first episode was shown at a screening during a comic-con, and featured elements and deleted scene unavailable on the TV version. The deleted scenes can be seen on the BD. A day later it aired on television.
  • The last episode was featured on the last day of the comic-con, and was also airing live on television. A day later it aired as normal.
  • This is Minami Takayama's first time returning to Symphogear for a major role, as in G she was only a several second flashback, and said nothing in GX.
  • This was also Yui Horie's first time returning to Symphogear as a major role, playing Serene.

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