SaiseitankenCarnwennan (再生短剣・カーンウェナン Rebirth DaggerCarnwennan) is the first character song and battle song of Kitaike Mai. The song mainly talks about Mai missing her parents and grandmother after they all died, leaving her alone.




Is the echoing question involving our crashing relationship,

I still wondering if your loving me right now?

Just like a light without any destination.

Is it in fact you hate me?

Is that the wondering reason why your emotions are buried in your cold graves, 

Just please love me

My emotions are jumbled within a cage of discord and chaos,

Just say the words from your heart,

Proving your dear love for me

I welcome you into my heart, But instead you receive my piercing dagger



Just like that faithful Monday,

You died away leaving your once sacred ashes!

Do I even remember your names?

Even if surrounded in the great and eternal darkness,

The catastrophe and doom followed are obliterated along with this echoing song of destruction,

But now only rebirth and eternal reincarnation remains . . .

I miss you all,

I beg of you to come back . . .