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Relics (聖遺物 Sēibutsu?), also referred to as Sacrists, are items spoken of in myths of many races. Excavated around the world, they are the core and function of a Symphogear.

Known Relics

Symphogear Relics

Non-Symphogear Relics

  • Dáinsleif: A relic whose fragments were used by Elfnein to create the Ignite Module for the Symphogear.
  • Gjallarhorn: A complete relic that has the power to connect to parallel worlds.
  • Vijaya: A complete sacred relic.
  • Book of Life: A complete relic that has the power to bring people back to life.
  • Daidarabotchi: Similar to the Nephilim and Bergelmir, this relic is a living creature.


A Duorelic (デュオレリック Deyuorerikku?) is an advanced form of Mental Imagery that is unlocked by fusing two types of relics into a Gear. It is also possible to fuse two Symphogear relics into a duorelic, but that process is more difficult to handle as the user needs to have enough compatibility with both of the Gears.

Known Dourelics

Character Duorelic
Hibiki Tachibana Gungnir + Draupnir
Miku Kohinata Shénshòujìng + Gungnir