Prelati in M
Appears in Senki Zesshou Symphogear M
Age 15
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Violet
Theme Color Orange
Personal Status
Occupation Symphogear User
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Hikada Rina

Prelati (M-MV) (プレラーティ ?) was an alchemist from the top brass of the Bavarian Illuminati. Prelati returns in Senki Zesshou Symphogear M as a main protagonist, where she becomes an official user of the Symphogear system.  


  • Full Name: Prelati (プレラーティ)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 152.5cm
  • Three Sizes: B82/W55/H76
  • Nationality: Italian 


She is based off of François Prelati, an Italian priest and alchemist who committed murders alongside his Homosexual lover, Gilles de Rais in the nineteenth century.


On some rare occasions her old personality shows through and she lets a preference for having fun get in the way of work. She ends all of her sentences with "wakeda" (わけだ?).


Prelati is short and pale with dark brown (green in some lighting) shoulder-length hair in long pigtails that fall over both shoulders. She has sleepy violet eyes and wears green, square-frame glasses.

Prelati's Symphogear in M consists of a mainly orange full-body undersuit with white and black markings, and matching gloves that reach her upper arms. Gold brace at each wrist. Crimson cape and matching hoodie are attached. Gold pauldrons on her shoulders with a hot pink cut gem on each. Gold rocket boosters located at the back of her neck. Pink gem at her toe with gold armored shoe.

Enhanced as of MV, Prelati's Symphogear changes drastically. No longer full-body, Prelati's undersuit slightly revealing, exposing her legs and sides of her midsection. The bottom-half becoming a pair of black shorts with straps wrapped around her waist. Her shoes now reach her thighs with gold armor located at the ankles, her thighs and knees. A black and gold breastplate, gold armored wristlets and elbow pads. Her cape is removed and she wears gold headphones.



In the past, Prelati was soundly defeated by the true power of alchemy wielded by Saint-Germain. Afterwards, Prelati agreed to help Saint-Germain achieve the ideal she strives to make a reality. Prelati used to indulge in luxury and pleasure, but ever since being granted a perfect body by Saint-Germain, gaining an extended lifespan and permanent youth, she has quit being lazy and become an earnest researcher.

Being Revived

Spellcaster becoming a relic/Mahakenda's creation 


  • Chinatsu Kiseki - At first, Prelati simply saw Kiseki as a soft, little weakling who couldn't stand on her own two feet, running to Haruna at every turn, nether the less a leader. After seeing her in battle however, and eventually fighting along side her, Prelati had come to enjoy Kiseki's company and developed the same desire to help Kiseki grow stronger.

Attacks and Abilities

Activation Song

Anni Mahakenda tron

Prelati is the user of the Mahakenda relic, a relic formed from fragments of the Spellcaster, her originally used Faust Robe.

Her Armed Gear takes the form of a large version of a Japanese stick and ball toy/hammerhead hybrid. Prelati's fighting style mainly is offense, using her Armed Gear as a "hammer" to either crush or bat her enemies with a backup addition, being a use of transportation. Although her Armed Gear appears to be a hammer, it is in actuality a kendama, an item used in Japanese cup-and-ball games.

As of MV, it is shows to be interchangeable, switching from its default mode into a second form, Spear Mode.


  • Trivial Mischief (トリビアルミスチーフ ) - Prelati leaps in the air, spinning her Armed Gear above her head before slamming it in front of her target, sending an array of red beams at him.
  • Tricky Hellman (トリッキーヘルマン) - Prelati transforms her Armed Gear into a vehicle by connecting the hammer and ball halves. This attack can be used for transportation, or as a ramming weapon.  
  • Playful Instrument (プレーフルインストルメント) - Prelati's Armed Gear unleashes a flurry of strings, binding her target before she fires her Armed Gear's ball. It crashes back down slowly and powerfully, similar to a comet or meteor before crushing her target.  
  • Menace Edge (メネースエッジ) - In Spear Mode, Prelati proceeds to repeatedly stab and strike her target, not ceasing until nothing is left.  





  • All her attack names are in english.
  • Prelati's birthday falls on November 30th, therefore her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.