Nakatoshi Mai
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color Brownish-Black
Eye Color Teal
Relic Secare
Theme Color Yellow
Personal Status
Relatives Nakatoshi Megumi (mother)

Nakatoshi Mamoru (father)

Chiba Uta (aunt)

Occupation Student, Symphogear User
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Fukuhara Haruka
Nakatoshi Mai is an OC created by Haruna Artist. She is the user of the relic, Secare. Mai is one of the main characters XYZ. Mai is an intelligent yet charismatic and friendly, 15 year-old transfer student from Okinawa, recently arriving to Lydian Music Academy. Her theme color is yellow.


  • Full Name: Nakatoshi Mai
    • Surname Meaning: "Middle of the Year"
    • First Name Meaning: "Dance"
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 15
  • Three Sizes: B92/W71/80
  • Birthday: August 17th (Leo)
  • Voice Actor: Fukuhara Haruka


Mai has fair skin, sea green-teal eyes and long, brownish black hair. White ribbons are tied around her forelocks that fall over her shoulders and frame her face. Mai's most distingtive feature is the mole on the lower corner of her mouth.

Mai's Symphogear consists of a yellow, brown and white undersuit that reveals her stomach and sides of her hips and entire back. She has armor on her upper arms, hands, feet and hips. Gold, and brown rocket boosters are on her upper back. Armor is also attached to the sides of her thighs, her knees and heel. The armor on the sides of her head and ears is connected. 


Powers and Abilites

Kyutx Secare tron

Being a Symphogear user, Mai can fight Noise with the use of Anti-Noise armor. But since Mai isn't atttuned, she requires the use of LiNKER in order to keep her power stable.


  • Happy Chamomile - Similar to Tsubasa's One Thousand Tears. Mai summons many copies of dagger composed of gold light to rain down upon her enemies.
  • Brilliant Lily - Mai creates copies of her daggers and shooots them all around her, also in all directions.
  • Rosemary Sharp - The armor on her arms gain daggers on each end. She can use them to cut or stab enemies all around her.



  • Mai shares her voice actress with Arisugawa Himari.
  • Her battle song genre is a mix of celtic and Jpop.
  • Like Miku and Kanade, Mai possesses abilities beyond that of a human; Mai is able to actually touch both Alca-Noise when not in her Armed Gear. First seen in Episode 05.  
  • Despite not taking any sort of martial arts in her entire life, many say she is quite skilled in Kung Fu and Taekwando.
  • Her attacks are named after different types of flowers, especially daisies.
  • She shares her birthday with her fellow friend and teammate as of XYZ, Fujimura Naomi.
  • When in a predicament/problem, Mai will usually speak English, saying the signature phrases: "Oh No!" or "This Can't Be?"
  • In XYZ, its is revealed that she is multilingual: English, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese.
  • She bares a striking resemblence to Dia Kurosawa from Love Live!.