Lycant Corporation is a haven for the Orpnoch Community worldwide. Their main head quarter is in Japan but they currently supported the dictator regime in Val Verde in order to increase the number of Orpnoch in the world.


Orpnochs are a race of evolved human born that can transform into a humanoid beast-man form and a larger monstrous form. When a human with the Seed Of Agito die a horrible death, their Seed has a large chance of activating and grant them a new life along with new power. However the transformation are toxic to their body as they cannot handle such a power and they will eventually die.

An Orpnoch can sire another person and turn them into an Orpnoch (althrough the change is low) by piercing their heart. The person will either wither away into a pile of ash or they will become an Orpnoch.


Yrral Tobiat / King Faiz

Yrral Tobiat is a transfer student from Val Verde, his parent are the country current leader. Both his parent and he himself die and become Orpnoch in a coup. Thank to the power of SCIENCE, he can transform into Faiz. He has romantic interest in Hibiki Tachibana.

King Kaixa

King Delta

King Psyga

King Orga