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Kaori Hoshitsuki
Kaori Hoshitsuki.jpg
"If you want to survive, then you'll have to fight."
Kanji 星月 香り
Romaji Hoshitsuki Kaori
Age 38
Birthday May 4
Gender Female
Race Human
Blood Type O
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Dark blue
Eye Color Dark blue
Relic Colada
Theme Color Dark Turquoise
Personal Status
Relatives Riko Sakuranami (Daughter)
Voice Actors
Japanese Atsuko Tanaka

Hinako Hoshitsuki (星月 香り Hoshitsuki Kaori?) is the mother of Riko Sakuranami. Alongside Nozomi Kawakaze, she was a part of an idol duo named "Dream Angels".

She is a Symphogear user and wields the Colada relic.


Kaori (香り?) - Means "fragrance".

Sakuranami (桜波?) - Means "cherry blossom wave".


Kaori is shown to be a strict woman and a mother. Despite that, she is actually a kind person particularly to her family and friends.

Attacks & Abilities

Holy Chant

Sisel Colada del tron

Kaori is the owner of the Colada relic.


CINDERELLA❤STORM - Kaori conjures a large number of energy swords which she launches at her enemies.



  • Riko Sakuranami: As her mother, Kaori cares a lot about her daughter. However, she can be strict to her by times.


  • Nozomi Kawakaze: Their relationship is very close and they are childhood friends. After her death, Kaori shedded tears to mourn the death of her best friend.
  • Genjuro Kazanari: Kaori and Genjuro seem to have a relationship based on mutual respect.


Kaori's Solo Songs
Hitotsu Kokoro, Hitotsu no Seishin

Kaori's Group Songs
NoImageAvailable.png NoImageAvailable.png NoImageAvailable.png
Sparkling Stars
Together With
Dreamin' High
Together With
Kiseki no Kagayaki
Together With


  • Kaori's appearance is based of Murano Yukime from the Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi series.
  • To date, Kaori is the oldest Symphogear user.
  • Both of Kaori's and Riko's relics are the swords of El Cid.