Kanade-Naomi Smiling Screenshot

Kanade-Naomi (奏 - 直美?) is the term used in Senki Zesshou Symphogear XY and XYZ whenever Fujimura Naomi takes on a form that has a similar appearance to Amou Kanade where her hair grows longer and wilder (as well as becoming a lighter shade of purple) and grows in height and age.


First Activation


Whenever Naomi uses this form, her hair becomes a lighter shade of purple and grows longer and wilder; even being the same as Kanade's. Her Symphogear also changes to look a tiny bit more like Kanade's. She also grows in age and height.


  • The term is derived from the term Ash-Greninja
  • Unlike the other Symphogear users, when Naomi activates this form her headphones become a microphone that emits music.