Hinako Hoshitsuki
Hinako Hoshitsuki
"I'll do what I can to protect everyone."
Kanji 星月 ひな子
Romaji Hoshitsuki Hinako
Age 17 (G-AXZ)
Birthday February 14
Gender Female
Race Human
Blood Type O
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Light purple
Eye Color Light blue
Relic Tizona
Theme Color Medium Slate Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Kaori Hoshitsuki (Mother)
VA (Japanese) Suzuko Mimori

Hinako Hoshitsuki (星月 ひな子 Hoshitsuki Hinako?) is one of the main protagonists of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series.

She is a Symphogear user and wields the Tizona relic. She is also a friend of Goten Kawakaze.


Hinako (ひな子?) - Means "Child of harmanious days".[1]

Hoshitsuki (星月?) - Means "Star Moon".


Hinako is an energetic, positive girl. She is very kind and caring towards people who are close to her. She also uses "watashi" (?) when referring to herself.

When fighting in a battle, Hinako can be fierce and making harsh speeches.

Attacks and Abilities

Holy Chant

Falien Tizona calutier tron


Hinako is the owner of the relic Tizona since her tenth birthday. Having trained with her mother, who is a Symphogear user, Hinako has a brilliant sync rate with her relic. Its Armed Gear is a sword.


  • METEOR❤STRIKE - Hinako uses Armed Gear and charges at the enemy and slashes through them.
  • AUORA❤CANNON - Hinako's sword split open on both sides and she unleashes a blue beam at her opponent.
  • ACCEL❤DELUXE - Hinako summons multiple copies of her Armed Gear and launches them at her enemies.
  • EMPRESS❤QUEEN - Hinako transforms her sword into a much larger sword capable of delivering a stronger swing.
  • REBELLION❤STRIKE - Hinako punches her opponent two times before unleasahing a beam from her armed gear.
  • Two Lights One Melody (二つ光一つ旋律 Futatsu Hikari Hitotsu Senritsu?) -



  • Kaori Hoshitsuki: Hinako is very close to her mother. Despite getting along with her mother, Hinako can be annoyed by her strictness. She also admires her as a hero and wanted to become a Symphogear user as well, which eventually came true at her tenth birthday when she obtained the Tizona relic.


  • Goten Kawakaze: Hinako and Goten share a very close relationship, as they were friends since they were younger and frequently looks out for his well-being.
  • Hibiki Tachibana: Despite being the surivor during the Zwei Wing concert, Hinako shows no ill-will towards Hibiki. They seems to get along well as they have no problems with talking to each other.
  • Tsubasa Kazanari: Hinako is a fan of Tsubasa and looks up to her as a mentor when it comes to fighting.
  • Maria Cadenzavna Eve: Being a former enemy of Goten, Hinako and Maria became friends during the course of GX. Maria also admires Hinako's bravery after she became a Symphogear user. They've shown to be capable of working together.
  • Shirabe Tsukuyomi: After becoming friends, Hinako and Shirabe seems to get along well. She thinks that Shirabe is cute.
  • Kirika Akatsuki: After becoming friends, Hinako and Kirika seems to get along well. She also finds Kirika's personality funny.



  • Hinako's appearance is based of Akiru Shinomiya from Love Live! School idol festival.
    • Her voice actor Suzuko Mimori, also voices Umi Sonoda.
  • Hinako uses english language for attacks. She also has a unique symbol in her attacks, being the ❤ symbol.
  • Hinako was orginally planning to go to the Zwei Wing concert, but due to a fever she was unable to go.



  2. Song also used as an Ignited Arrangement